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My song Un Poco de Ti on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. Thank You!

I looked up the etymology of the word Thanks to see if the origins shed light on the word. Basically, the original meaning in old German and old English refers to good memories, to "thoughts of gratitude." This might not be enough to express what I feel regarding my song Un Poco de Ti (cowritten with Ryan Stewart) being placed on Switched at Birth (Season 4 Episode 15 - Instead of Damning the Darkness, It's Better to Light a Little Lantern).  

Nevertheless, to everyone involved in choosing the song - Hayley Page (Nettwerk film folk), Tasha and Wendy (Wendy Levy Music), the show's producers and ABC Family : Thank You! from the bottom of my heart. 

Check out all these links:

Link to the promo for the episode on FB: 

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Link to episodic photos on Facebook:

Switched at Birth's website (USA



Maddy Rodriguez album Don't Be a Stranger in a Tower Records store in Japan

My album Don’t Be a Stranger is in Japan :)

Got news today that my album Don't Be a Stranger made it to stores in Japan. I'm very excited and grateful to Masato N. and his BSMF Records for distributing the CD to many stores around Japan. どうもありがとう! I would love to visit Japan and soak in the culture and the food and of course play a few shows. I'm sure someday I will! The album is at some Tower Records stores (yes, they still have them in Japan) and other record stores. This is a photo of one of the listening stations at a Tower Records store. あなたが日本に住んでいるのなら、私のCDを入手! (thanks for translating Google :)

Maddy Rodriguez album Don't Be a Stranger in a Tower Records store in Japan

In good company at Tower Records in Japan


“All The Wasted Time” still doing well in the US

Maddy's song "All The Wasted Time" is still going strong on US radio according to the Spin Tracking System:

STS Top 100 Singles Top 40 and AC/Hot AC formats # 14

STS Country Main Chart #21

STS AC/HOT AC Main Chart # 11

Get "All The Wasted Time" -  iTunes US   iTunes Canada (also on Amazon and eMusic)

All The Wasted Time has been steady on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart at #174


Maddy News – for immediate release

May 10, 2012

Maddy Rodriguez wastes no time with “All the Wasted Time” climbing the STS charts.

Up-and-coming Canadian singer-songwriter, Maddy Rodriguez releases “All the Wasted Time” in the US and, in 3 short weeks, climbs several Spin Tracking System charts, breaking into the top 200 in the Music Row Country Breakout Chart at #190 and currently at #185. 

According to the STS Charts (May 4, 2012):  All the Wasted Time ranked as follows: Country Up and Coming (#14), Country Most Added, Country Prime Mover, Country Spincrease, AC/Hot AC Up and Coming (#1), AC/Hot AC Most Added, AC/Hot AC Prime Mover, AC/Hot AC Spincrease, AC/Hot AC Top 30 Indie Chart, Top 40 Up and Coming (#2), Top 40 Most Added, Top 40 Prime Mover, Top 40 Spincrease, Top 40, Top 30 Indie Chart.  

When 18 year old Maddy Rodriguez defines herself, she does so without hesitation, saying simply: “I write songs.” For the Toronto-based singer-songwriter and recording artist, music means everything. “It’s life,” she adds. 

Maddy released her debut album “Don’t Be a Stranger” on March 6, 2012. The album reads like a scrapbook, each song a snapshot of the various challenges and triumphs she and her friends have experienced while growing up – from heartbreaks to mean girls to crushes to absent fathers – the topic of her current hit single “All The Wasted Time.”  Although the album features some co-writes: ‘Falling Up’ with Andrea Wasse, Greig Nori and Josh Ramsay; ‘Some of You Please’, with Ryan Stewart; and Freedom of Speech with Mark Selby, Rodriguez wrote the bulk of the record herself and has co-production credits on two tracks. 

"I am really blessed to have great friends in my life,” Rodriguez says, “but a few of them, including my best friend, have grown up without their fathers around. My best friend – yes her birthday is on May 13, by the way - is usually really strong about it. But this one time, she was having a bad day and she broke down crying. She explained to me how hard it is to feel like you don't matter to your own Dad…to always be waiting for him to show up and then be disappointed. That’s how I got the idea for “All The Wasted Time.” 

Maddy Rodriguez has been recognized for her song-writing chops (consider this: she wrote “All The Wasted Time when she was 16 years old).  Maddy recently won the International Acoustic Music Awards competition (beating out 11,800 other songs), was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and a semi-finalist and finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.  

200 reviewers on gave “All the Wasted Time” a score of 81% giving the track a rating of “Excellent! Strong Single. The track is a potential strong single for the overall market.” 

Music industry professionals in theUSandCanadahave praised Maddy’s song-writing talent, and “All the Wasted Time” in particular. The song was given an average 4 star rating (out of maximum 5) by Music industry professionals on, putting it in the top tier of songs rated on the site. 

“… the production is great. There's no "critique" to offer... just applause!  Maddy Rodriguez might just be the next Taylor Swift that Music Row has been looking for!” - Brian Mayes, Nashville Publicity Group

“This is really good. A fresh take on a subject that has been written about before”. – Rick Barker,Nashville

“This is excellent – it’s easy to see why she did so well in the John Lennon contest.” – Katie O’Halloran, music blogger and A&R consultant,Toronto


My radio interview with XM 105 FM (Alberta) and 105 CJVR (Saskatchewan)

Hi guys, I'm very grateful to all the radio stations in Canada that have played my single "Don't Play With My Heart."  Shout out to Cal Graton and thanks for interviewing me last week.  xo, Maddy


“Don’t Be a Stranger” CD Release show

Come to my debut album's CD Release Show and Party at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto. I'd love to meet you in person :)


ALL AGES and family friendly :)

Tickets: $10 if you register in advance ($15 at the door, subject to availability) 

**You can purchase tickets in advance with a CC or a PayPal account here: 

**OR register via Email. Just tell us you want to come to the release party, and we'll put your name on a list, and save you a $10 ticket at the door:

Limited space, so get your tickets asap :)

2:00pm - Doors Open
2:30pm - Guest artist
3:15pm - Calling August
4:00pm - Maddy Rodriguez
5:00pm - Meet & Greet / photo opp / hang out (CDs will be available and Maddy will love to sign your copy)

**Entrance is on Yonge Street a few steps south of the Hard Rock's entrance on the corner. Venue is up the stairs. There is limited space so get your tickets early. 

Maddy Rodriguez - guitar and vocals, Ryan Boisselle - guitars, Alex St. Kitts - bass, Chad Davis - drums and percussions

MEDIA INQUIRIES, questions, Contact: jaime(at)


Successes and GO-ALS

So, in my New Year's blog post I gave y'all an idea: to write down all the memorable things you did or accomplished in 2011 (because it'd make you feel good about your lovely self)... Well, this week, I started participating in a blogfest/challenge with fellow songwriteres from the Songwriters Association of Canada and uber publicist Ariel Hyatt, and I learned a new thingie that also makes you feel good about yourself. Basically, you take 5 minutes at the end of the day to write down 5 successes you had that day.  If you're an extremely fast thinker & writer-downer you might just take 5 seconds. You do this every day for a whole entire year. It's great for artists because it trains you to focus on the positive things you achieve, whether it's a good performance or a genius lyric idea... instead of beating yourself up on what you did wrong, or worse, what you didn't do at all. But this is truly valuable for anybody. We could all use more positivity and recognizing your daily successes really helps.


Here's the list I wrote yesterday:

  • Finished a verse for anew song
  • Made dinner for myself - fried kale & mushrooms & couscous... A little dry, but overall quite delicious
  • Invented a quote: "Don't complain because the food is dry. Give thanks because the food is there." and then I tweeted it ;)
  • Perfected a guitar part for one of my songs
  • Wrote a nice blog post
You know what will be fun? Reading all of these lists on the last day of 2012. Hey!! Then you won't have to struggle to remember everything you did. See? this is wonderful, don't you think? I do. 
Another good thing is writing down your goals. Obvioulsy. Without goals, your chances of accomplishing your dreams, whether they're big or small, are not as good. That's why they're called GO-ALS, they help you GO and make things happen. I don't know about you but I couldn't live without my to-do lists. It does stress me out though, to come up with goals for an entire year, or my whole life. I guess you could say my bucket list is like a giant list of random goals, so at least I've got that. But in terms of concrete things I want to accomplish in 2012, I don't normally think past next week. So even though it was a little overwhelming, today I challenged myself to put goals into categories (thanks Ariel).
Here are some:
Music career goals for 2012:
  • Write at least 20 new songs
  • Release my debut album, "Don't Be a Stranger" in March and bug my best friends to tell all of their friends to tell all of their friends to tell all of their friends to buy it (let's get it on the charts!)
  • Get my first single "Don't Play With My Heart" into the top 10 in Canada
  • Become good at Photoshop so that I can design my own graphics
General goals for me & the fam this year:
  • Learn how to make Paella (a really complicated Spanish dish..but so yummy
  • Make my Dad quit smoking by March
  • Join a gym this month, in addition to the Tae Kwon Do gym...for strength training
  • Do something special for the Sick Kids Foundation like go there to play a set for the children (I used to be more involved with them when I was younger)
Lifetime Goals (taken from my bucket list:
  • Be an artist on The Ellen Degeneres show withing 2 years
  • Play at Madison Square Garden (because my name is actually Madison) by my 25th birthday
  • Write & record a seriously awesome rap
  • Write a cookbook by the time I'm 40
Your more-positive-and-more-organized-than-yesterday friend,
Maddy Rodriguez

My ‘CD listening party’ and brie cheese

When I was recording my debut album, "Don't Be a Stranger," there were a few things I promised myself: 1) I would not compromise on the songs - they had to be my songs. 2) The only acoustic guitar player I would work with was Alan Kulka, my musical soul mate, 3) I would have a 'listening party' for my closest friends and all the people involved with it once it was done!...I promised myself this because I wanted it to be a sort of ceremonial experience. And I didn't want to miss their reactions when they heard everything!

Now, making a record is a long process (especially when you're still in high-school) and, once the record is done, it's an even longer process just to get it mixed, mastered, pressed, manufactured and then released. So I thought I was going to have the listening party last October, but it ended up being delayed until now (last Sat, Jan 7). For the longest time, my friends were dying to hear the CD, but finally, they got to hear it past Saturday!

Maddy Rodriguez "Don't Be a Stranger" Listening Party Jan 2012

I was so excited to play the album for many of my wonderful supporters - producers, fellow musicians, and friends. They've all helped me in some way throughout the last couple years. Know how every CD has big, long 'Thank You' (or at lest it should)...well another reason I wanted to have the party was so that I could read my Thank You out loud to these people - say thanks personally.

After that, we listened to the songs. It was cool for me because I hadn't actually heard the record back-to-back yet...We took a break halfway through to talk & eat some deee-lectable snacks (like crackers with brie cheese, which I'm obsesses with...give me brie, and I instantly love you). And then we listened to the rest of the album. Everyone seemed to genuinely love it. I can't tell you how joyful that made me.

Now, I hope you're not feeling too jealous right now. I realize it's totally unfair that my friends hot to hear the record first (before the release date) and I wouldn't blame you if you saw them on the street and gave them a dirty look. But, remember the longer you wait, the more awesome it will be once you hear it. So, really I love you guys just as much (if not more - shhh, don't tell the guests of the listening party).

Your brie loving friend,

Maddy Rodriguez