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‘Me’ in 15 seconds = James Taylor and Carole King’s grandchild… and cabbage soup.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm participating in a blogfest/challenge with fellow songwriteers from the Songwriters Association of Canada and the lovely Ariel Hyatt (of Ariel Publicity). It's helping me be disciplined about writing tweets & a blog for y'all to read every week! It's also a chance for me to get to know all my fellow Canadian songwriters better.  So here's my post for the 2nd week of this blogging party :) ...

In the music business, they have this term called "The 30 second pitch." It's what you do when you meet other people in the bizzz. They'll usually ask you: "So what's your music like?" That's the part where you confidently describe your music. But most artists will say: "I don't know. It doesn't really fit into one genre." or "It's just me - you've never heard anything like it." Maybe that's true, but the person talking to you is still wondering: "what's your music like?" Think of a blind date. I can't say I've been on many. But I know that there are certain questions you ask... "Where did you grow up?",  "What's your favourite movie?", "Are you looking for a relationship or just looking for fun?"  Can you imagine if your date couldn't answer those questions? It would be so hard to get to know who they are, and if they're right for you. And you'd immediately get the impression that they were unsure of themselves, unsure of who they are. That's why it's good to have a 30 second pitch, a short but SPECIFIC description of yourself that sums you up in less than a minute. Even if you're not an artist...this is good for job interviews, or scholarship reviews. It's good to have for dating too because you'll probably get that annoyingly vague request: "So, tell me about yourself."

Since y'all are my fans (or future fans), I consider you my friends. And I consider my friends, my family. A family is supposed to know one another super well. So, it's only logical that I share my 30 second pitches with you, so you get to know me better! (Actually, I think they're around 15 seconds!! Unless you speak slowly.) 

Music Pitches:

"If James Taylor and Carole King had a baby boy and he grew up and married Taylor Swift, and if the two of them had a baby girl and made Carlos Santana her Godfather and the baby girl grew up to be a singer-songwriter, That would be me."

Or if I'm in a more serious mood - "I'm a singer-songwriter and my music is based on steal string & classical guitar. It's New Country: Zac Brown slash Taylor Swift. And it's very influenced by songwriters from the seventies and Latin music."


Dating Pitches:

Me in a nutshell: "I'm Latin like Shakira, smart like Steve Jobs, strikingly beautiful like Jessica Alba, huh-larious like Russel Peters, wonderfully silly like Katy Perry and adorable like Selena Gomez." ...KIDDING! I wouldn't say that. I'm not cocky like that! And those statements are only 98% true. ...I'd let him figure out my awesome qualities on his own. haha."

This is actually what I might say - "I grew up in Toronto - still growing actually. But I've always had a fantasy of living in some place like Spain. And then one day I'd like to have a house in the country - maybe on a ranch even though I don't know how to ride horses. My favourite movie is curently the original Arthur. I also love The Notebook because I'm a romantic and all romantics love The Notebook. I wouldn't say I'm looking for a relationship. I would say I'm looking for the right person... Oh and I love music more than I'll probably ever love you, no offense. I also love to cook. I make really good soups!" etcetera, etcetera.

On a completely different note, I just thought I'd remind you that my song "Don't Play With My Heart," the first single from my debut album is coming out this month on iTunes Canada and in February on iTunes worldwide. Check out the lyric video.

Back to soup!!! It's been a while since I posted one of my recipes. I think it's time. Here is my original cabbage soup recipe:

- 1 tbsp of butter

- 1 Spanish onion

- stock left over from cooking a chicken

- 6 cups of water

- chopped carrots, potatoes and a couple tomatoes

- half a head of cabbage, shredded

- shredded chicken

- 1 tbsp dried basil

- 1 tbsp of lemon juice

- 1 tsp of sugar

Heat the butter over the medium heat & sauté the onion for 5 minutes. Add the vegetables (not the cabbage yet), then the stock and water. Bring to a boil. Lower the heat & simmer for half an hour. Add the rest of the ingredients including the shredded cabbage & cook for another 20 minutes. Season with salt & pepper! Voilá, you're done! Mmmmm.

Your music and soup loving friend,                                                                                   Maddy Rodriguez

 cabbage soup