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Working at the gym and our Royal Caribbean cruise.

Besides working on my music, I've also been working a lot at the gym. It's am Taekwon Do gym actually (a dojang). Some people don't know this about me, but I'm a second degree black belt. I've never been one to go around telling people that, but my part time job is teaching at the gym. So I feel like I'm talking about it more recently. Hence, this blog post haha. Anyway, I feel really lucky to get to come here each day & work with people I've known since I was an 8 year old white belt. And now I'm teaching 8 year old white belts! It's really cool. Another great thing is all the instructors know my situation with music, so the hours are pretty flexible. Oh! And I get to work out for free. That is a very good thing considering I'm going on a cruise soon. Gotta look nice in my bikini :)

We're going on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship for the Holidays this year! I've never been away on Christmas (actually once we went to Mexico, when I was little) - I like being at home with the tree, and the snow outside and James Taylor's Holiday album on the stereo. That's why it wasn't my idea to go away (not too mention that starting a music career involves a lot of investment so it's not that we have lots of moolah). It was my Aunt's idea...she's turning 50 on Boxing Day! The big 5-0! My family never gets to see one another because my aunt & cousins live in Vancouver (my Grandma too). So my aunt decided to have her birthday celebration with the whole family on a cruise. It'll be weird, but I have to say: I'm very excited! I lobe water and sunshine! And most of all I can't wait to spend time with my extended family, which I never get to do!