A Song For My Person

"A Song For My Person"

I'm so happy to write and record a song for your person! This is a customized gift that will last forever. It can't be broken or lost. They'll always have it. (see prices - link below)

Answer the questions on the request form (link below) to help me write a song specifically for your person!

Stylistically, my music is usually country-pop / pop / country-folk. But if you'd like me to keep in mind a specific style of music or vibe that you or your person loves, you can let me know in the 'special requests' section at the bottom.

After you submit this form I'll send an invoice to your email, which you can pay via PayPal or e-transfer.

When the song is complete, I'll send you a dropbox link. I'll also mail you handwritten, and signed lyrics that you can present to your loved one when you play them the song!

Fill out this form to find out more and request a Song for Your Person.



FINE PRINT.  By using this service and in consideration of client's payment, client may use song recording on a personal use only basis. Client may share the song (MP3) with anyone and play it for anyone. However, client acknowledges that all publishing and moral rights to the song belong to the songwriter as its creator. Client may not under any circumstances release the song commercially via any music platform, known or unknown. Client may use recording on personal YouTube or similar platform videos as long as said videos are not broadcast on commercial media.