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My Man Overboard CD in Japan! は男女の関係についての物語です

Album cover Man Overboard EP

JAPAN.  I may not be breaking record sales, and I know the world is going streaming, but I am very proud that my Man Overboard EP physical CD is now available in Japan. Very grateful to my small distributor over there for working the record (Arigato Masato). The CD is available on Amazon Japan and at Tower Records (yes they still have these in Japan, yay) online and in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Umeda Nu, Umeda Marubiru, Namba, and more.

As always, I am grateful for your support and for liking my music. I'm in it for the long haul, and I hope you stay with me :) xox, Maddy




「Man Overboard」は男女の関係についての物語です。恋に落ちた時の興奮から本物の愛に焦がれるまでの一連の気持ちを、四つのチャプターとエピローグで表現しています。

『第一話』 「Game Changer」 −私は彼にとって一番の存在であると感じている時

『第二話』 「Man Overboard」 –彼は私のことを愛してはいないのだと分かった時

『第三話』 「Why We're Over 」–どうしてこうなったのだろうと考える時

『第四話』 「Looking for You」 – 新しい彼氏と付き合い始めたが、元彼のことをいまだ考えてしまう時

『エピローグ』 「Tuscany」 – 全ての人が望む本物の愛について

Capítulo 2. Por La Borda – 本曲のスペイン語バージョン

「Game Changer」はMaddy RodriguezとBrett Truittによる共同作曲、「Tuscany」はMaddy Rodriguez、Alexandria Maillot、Lucy LeBlanc、Bob D’Elthによる共同作曲、その他の曲は全てMaddy Rodriguezによって作曲されました。

Produced and mixed by :

Johnny Simmen


Marc Ganetakos

Alan Kulka

Igor Saika-Voivod

Anthony Carone

Tyler Emond

Max Senitt

Johnny Simmen.

Man Overboard photo

Man Overboard Chapter #3 Why We’re Over

Man Overboard photo

Man Overboard photo

"Why We're Over" words and music by Maddy Rodriguez


I wrote Why We're Over about how heartbreaking it feels when you don't understand why that person broke your heart. When you can't figure out why it ended all of a sudden. When you're going over everything trying to find the point at which it went from being amazing, to being over. That's what I went through when I wrote this song. I had fallen for a guy that I knew had fallen for me too, but he was backing out and running away and I had no idea why. And that was what hurt the most - the not knowing.