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Fascinated (Country)

Who fascinates you? Fascinated (country) goes to Canadian Country Radio

Who Fascinates you?Fascinated (Country)

I'm very excited that Fascinated is going to radio. I'm too young to have children, but I think it feels a little like when your kid goes to school and it's her first day. I hope the kids at radio treat her well.  So far so good. According to the Canada Country Aircheck newsletter, Fascinated has been in the Top 5 DMDS downloads this week. For those of you who don't know, DMDS is the system that labels and indies use to send their songs to radio.  Keep your ears open for Fascinated on your local country station while your driving or wherever you listen. If you hear the song, let me know so I can thank that station. If your station has request hours, please request the song (if you like it, of course - I know my music is not for everyone, but hopefully you like ti). Hit me up on Facebook or tweet me @maddyrodriguez  I would love to hear from you. Also, if you want, you can play the song on Spotify or get it on iTunes

AND REMEMBER VALENTINE"S DAY is COMING. You can gift/send/share Fascinated different versions when my Fascinated EP comes out February 1st!!! xoxo I dare you to send it to that secret (or not so secret) crush. You know you have one. Lol.

xoxo Maddy