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Fascinated EP Artwork

Fascinated, my new project

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I had the idea for "Fascinated" when I was visiting family in Mexico 2 summers ago. I had just started dating my current boyfriend, and we were so in love, and it was really difficult being away from each other for those 3 weeks that I was in Mexico. Our “4-month” anniversary came while I was there (I know it sounds silly – 4 months! Huge deal right?! haha)… And at 12am in Toronto (it wasn’t 12am in Mexico yet), when we had officially been together for 4 months, I received a text from Johnny. He said a bunch of beautiful things about how much he loved me but there was one part that really caught my attention… He said “You fascinate me.” I thought that was such a powerful thing to say to someone. You can like somebody, you can love them even, but to be fascinated by them is a whole other thing. It means you’re captivated by them in every way. I may not be famous or hugely successful, but I fascinate somebody. That somebody thinks I’m special. And that means a lot to me. …That’s when I got the idea for the SONG! 

I was trying to write something, and I was thinking about Johnny and that text he sent me, and I came up with the chorus for “Fascinated.” Instead of the song being about how Johnny was fascinated with me, I decided to make it about how I was fascinated by HIM! I thought it would be more relatable. And Johnny really does fascinate me! … He’s ridiculously smart and wonderful, and talented, and incredibly determined. He’s good at too many things. And he’s the most humble guy you’ll meet. And so I wrote the song for him. 

So “Fascinated” started as this catchy love song inspired by my boyfriend, but it was so catchy, and so fun that I decided to turn it into a musical experiment! I decided to make 4 versions of the same song, so that anyone and everyone could enjoy their favourite version. If you’re into country – there’s a country “Fascinated”. If you’re into Pop – there’s a Pop “Fascinated.” If you want something more stripped down and acoustic, there’s one of those too! Hope you love the song guys!

…Then, one day, talking with my producer and manager about the different versions, I had an idea… THE “FASCINATED” CHALLENGE!... I want to start a trend. I am going to “gift” my song to Johnny, and some of my best friends and fans - people who Fascinate me. I will be gifting them “Fascinated” on iTunes. And I am going to challenge them to “gift” the song to someone THEY are fascinated by! And they will challenge those people to “gift” the song to someone THEY are fascinated by, and challenge those people to do the same. And so on and so forth…  Look out for the Fascinated Project EP which will include all 4 versions of Fascinated, and their instrumental tracks. The Pre-Order is ready on iTunes: The EP drops February 1, 2015, just in time for Valentine's!!!