Monthly Archives: July 2013

Oh, Mexico, the sun’s so hot…

Maddy Rodriguez

I've been in Mexico for a few weeks because I wanted to spend time with relatives I never get to see and to improve my Spanish, which is not great. I can understand a lot, but speaking fluently is a challenge. It's a lovely language and I want to master it!!! While in Mexico, I got to do a photo shoot in the colonial town of Campeche, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It's really beautiful. I can't wait to share more pics with you. ♥ Maddy



Check out my Kitchen Sessions videos on YouTube or Vimeo

It's been very nice to be able to make a kitchen session video every couple of weeks. But I don't make these videos for myself (even though they're lots of fun to make). I make them for you. And I know there's lots of music out there and tons of videos. But I hope you enjoy mine. Besides the videos I'm working on new songs for a second album that I hope to release next year. I've already recorded 4 songs for this new record and it's gonna awesome! If you would like to get sneak previews of the songs and see some behind the scenes videos, join my "starmakers" email list on MailChimp:  xoxo

Johnny Simmen, Maddy Rodriguez and Alan Kulka